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Model Railway Collection Policy

Our Model Railway Collection policy is underwritten by Ansvar Insurance (a business division of Ecclesiastical Insurance office plc) and is for individuals who own and/or exhibit their own Model Railway, including Garden Railways and Model Railway Engineers.

Cover can be tailored to include Public Liability for ride-on passenger carrying locomotives and rolling stock (up to a track width of 7.25 inches/185mm) subject to written agreement by Magnet Insurance

We have provided a brief cover summary below but please click the following links for a more detailed Insurance Product Information Document and please refer to the Policy Wording for full details of the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

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The policy covers loss or damage to your Model Railway, including Garden Railways and Model Railway Engineers:

  • whilst kept in your own home, garage or other outbuilding
  • whilst in transit anywhere in the UK, and
  • whilst at exhibitions in the UK.

The policy provides cover for your layout, locomotives and rolling stock, scenery and track work, scale model buildings, electrical control equipment and wiring and other model accessories and tools, memorabilia, photos, books, DVDs and all other property used in connection with your model railway or model engineering activities.

Selecting Your Sum Insured

  • You must select your own sum insured for your model railway, which should be based upon the cost of replacement as new or, where appropriate, cost of materials and any labour costs for any part of the model railway collection that is to be repaired or restored.
  • The selection of adequate sums insured remains your responsibility and these should be regularly reviewed to ensure it keeps up with any appreciation in value.
  • When calculating sums insured, include VAT.
  • If the sums insured are not sufficient then any future claim payment may be reduced.

Please note sums insured are not index-linked at subsequent renewals.

Individual Items Valued over 1,000

The policy limits the amount payable for a single item to 1,000 maximum (Layouts are not defined as a single item). This limitation is removed if the item is listed as a specified item on your policy.

When you take out cover with us, we will issue a policy schedule detailing the cover provided and the property insured, including any specified items valued over 1,000. The Policy Wording should be read in conjunction with the policy schedule.

Policy Excess

A standard 100 excess applies to each and every claim but increased to 250 for theft from unattended vehicles, caravans or trailers or from any hotel or guest house room.

Claims Settlement

Where any item of the model railway collection cannot be replaced as new, repaired or restored we may require documentary evidence from you to support the property valuation, e.g. purchase receipts or examples of similar property taken from enthusiast magazines, journals, websites or other supporting evidence.

In addition, the policy will pay reasonable labour costs to repair or restore the model railway following a valid claim, the standard cover provided by the policy is up to 50% of the:

  • sum insured for any specified item, or
  • single item limit for any unspecified item

Where you are responsible for the first amount of any claim (known as an excess) the claim settlement will be reduced accordingly.

The sum insured or the indemnity limit (as appropriate) will be the most Ansvar will pay unless otherwise stated.

For any undamaged items that forms part of a pair, set, suite or one of a collection of matching items of a valid claim, such items must be protected and retained for our inspection, unless we or the loss adjuster have instructed you to the contrary.

For any specified item forming part or all of the model railway collection valued at 5,000 or more, Ansvar will require an independent valuation from a UK dealer of such property or any other valuation acceptable to them.

Minimum Standard of Physical Security

You must ensure that for loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft from the home, exhibition venue or other outbuilding or premises containing your Model Railway Collection (except track work in the open), the following minimum standard of physical security is present throughout the period of insurance:

Where the total sum insured for all items that form your model railway collection is 100,000 or more you should refer to Magnet Insurance Services Ltd as we may require that the home is protected by an approved alarm system.

You will be advised on any security required, in addition to our minimum standard of physical security, before you take out the policy.

Main exit/entry door

The final exit door must be fitted with either a:

  • 5 lever mortise deadlock, OR a lock approved to BS3621, OR
  • multi-point locking system with at least 3 locking points in addition to a horizontal deadbolt or hook bolt, OR
  • rim automatic deadlatch with a key locking handle on the inside.

Patio/French doors

Must be fitted with either:

  • a multi-point locking system with at least 3 locking points with mushroom headed, hook or shoot bolts, OR
  • key operated patio door locks top and bottom for patio doors in addition to the existing lock
  • key operated security bolts top and bottom on each leaf for French doors in addition to the existing lock (flush bolts top and bottom acceptable for the first closing leaf).

All other external doors

Must be fitted with:

  • locks as specified for the main exit/entry door, OR
  • key operated security bolts top and bottom in addition to the existing lock.


  • Opening windows on the ground floor and other windows easily accessible from the outside and which measure more than 23cm x 23cm (9" x 9") must be fitted with key operated window locks.
  • Louvres in windows on the ground floor and on other easily accessible windows must be glued into their brackets.

Other basement or ground floor openings

Must be secured with key operated locks.

Important note

If you fail to comply with this requirement, and such failure caused or worsened a loss for damage by theft or attempted theft, the amount of excess for any claim arising is increased to 500 or 10% of the amount of any claim (whichever is greater), unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.

If you cannot comply with the above, this may be varied by agreement with Magnet Insurance, subject to prior notification.

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