How should I choose the Exhibition Contents Sum Insured?

This section covers your property and property for which you are responsible, in transit to and from and whilst at the event, against ‘All Risks’ including accidental damage. You should include ALL exhibitors’ property, (excluding traders as they would be expected to have their own business insurance). Please refer to the Policy Wording Section 3 for full cover details.

Adequacy of Sums Insured and Under Insurance

It is vitally important that your chosen sums insured are adequate to compensate you for the full replacement cost in the event of a total loss. If the sum insured does not adequately reflect the full replacement value of the exhibitors’ property, then Under Insurance will apply. This means that any claim notified to us may be reduced in proportion to the percentage of under insurance.


If you choose a sum insured of £10,000 but the actual replacement/reinstatement value of the total Model Railway property was £20,000, then you have under insured by 50%. Therefore, any future claim settlement could be reduced by 50%, so settlement of a Theft claim for £5,000 may be reduced by 50% and settled at £2,500.